Wednesday, September 7, 2016...BTO Does Lannie's!

Music with a Middle Eastern Flair!

RUBI ATE THE FIG -  an original fusion of Rock and Middle Eastern music with luminous vocals and ecstatic lyrics floating over a driving Desert Bedrock. Featuring accomplished musicians from both genres, RUBI ATE THE FIG is produced by founder and composer, Sharon Eliashar, and band member Marc Mann (Oingo Boingo, George Harrison). Their exquisite theatrical sets and irresistible music transport the audience to another world.

“Mahavishnu and The Police traveling through the Desert - stopping to have tea with Grace Slick”


For those of you new to BEHIND THE OGDEN, our setting is a private home in a spacious loft near downtown Denver.  Hosted by Carol Morris and Jeffrey Brenman, BEHIND THE OGDEN offers a unique opportunity to listen to live music, up close and personal, with a small gathering of friends, family, and other guests.  

When our space cannot accommodate a band we fall in love with, we look for other venues. Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret is one of our favorite rooms in Denver.  It overflows with warmth, intimacy, and feminine energy. It is the perfect BTO substitute and the perfect space for RUBI ATE THE FIG. So, for the first time ever, BTO does Lannie's!  And for the first time ever, RUBI ATE THE FIG plays Denver. We are beyond excited about this band, this show, and this venue, and we hope you will join us for this unique opportunity.