Promotional photos courtesy of the musicians.
Concert photos by Jeffrey Brenman and Carol Morris (unless otherwise noted).

La Pompe Jazz Trio Plays The Moffat Depot at Balfour

 Eric Fellenstein on Violin

 Andrew Hannum on Guitar

David Lawrence on Guitar and Vocals

 Balfour Residents Enjoying the Show

 Iris and her Son-in-Law, Jeffrey


Dinner at The Avalon Ballroom for the Alejandro Ziegler Quartet
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

One of the Beautiful Food Tables
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet at The Avalon Ballroom
Alejandro Ziegler on Piano
Charles Gorcynski on Bandoneon
Ishtar Hernandez on Violin
Daniel Fabricant on Double Bass
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Alejandro Ziegler at The Avalon Ballroom
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Tango Dancing to The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Paula and Doug Enjoying the Dance
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Happy Faces
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

Celebrating Tammy's Birthday at The Alejandro Ziegler Event
photo by Marie-Dominique Verdier

The Food Spread at Balfour with Hazel Miller

The Lovely Moffat Depot at Balfour

Celebrating Birthdays at Balfour

Iris and Lenore Enjoying the Show

The Balfour Audience Enjoying the Show

 Hazel Miller Plays The Moffat Depot at Balfour

 The Hazel Miller Quartet
Hazel Miller, Rich Lamb
Cody Carbone, Dana Marsh

The Hazel Miller Quartet 
Special Guest Francesca Rubin

 Proud Dad, Alan Rubin
Enjoying Complimentary Light Appetizers
Balfour Courtyard

Diana Cruz

Complimentary Wine and Beer
Balfour Courtyard

The Hazel Miller Quartet

Hazel Miller

Dana Marsh

Rich Lamb

Cody Carbone

Special Guest Francesca Rubin

 Iris Morris and Betty Enjoying the Show

Madhav and Susie Apte Relaxing

RUBI AT THE FIG Plays Lannie's ClockTower

 Scott Cossu, Scott Doser, and Beth Quist Play BTO South

 Scott Cossu

Scott Cossu, Scott Doser, and Beth Quist

 Franny Rubin and Alex Heffron Open for Jenn Grinels

 Jenn Grinels

 Jenn Grinels with The BTO Back Up Dancers

Matt Doctor on Drums and Ken Perkerwicz on Bass Guitar


Oniria Tango, Co-Hosted by BTO, with Artist Jorge Muscia
Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre

Argentine Tango Dancers Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne

 Guillermo Cerneaz and Gaby Mataloni

The Girls

Leticia Plans

The Happy Artistic Director, Diana Cruz, after Opening Night
Photo Courtesy of Veronica Kruta

Amy Anderson

 Donato Juarez and Carolina del Rivero

Nick Jones and Diana Cruz

Semplice Baroque

Carla Sciaky

Miriam Rosenblum

Ben Cohen

 Elinor Saragoussi

Elinor Saragoussi

Carla Sciaky in One of her Very Special Story Telling Moments

Ben Cohen

Carla Sciaky

Elinor Saragoussi

 Hazel Miller

 Franny Rubin Opens for Hazel Miller
with Dana Marsh and Rich Lamb

Franny Rubin with The Hazel Miller Trio

 Hazel Miller and Franny Rubin

Hazel Miller

 Dana Marsh

 Hazel Miller and Franny Rubin

 Rich Lamb
 Liz DiPaolo Gets Her Moment with Hazel Miller
From Liz: Tequila makes you think you can sing and makes you think you know the words!  Ha! Thx Hazel, Carol, and Jeffrey for an amazing night! What an honor to hang with such greatness.  Oy vey.

 We Love Celebrating Birthdays
Always an excuse to bring in the infamous Chantilly and the mouth watering chocolate decadence cakes.

Showing Off Lynn Sauve's Heavenly Banana Trifle

 Megan Burtt with Franny Rubin

The Stuffies...After The Party

 Walker Shellist

 Moses Walker

 Ronnie Shellist

Carol and Jeff Getting Ready for the Jenn Grinels Show

Local Talent Franny Rubin Opens for Jenn Grinels

 Jenn Grinels

 Jenn Grinels

 Laura and Norm Jorawsky Enjoying the Show

 Jeff Can't Wait to Dig into the Infamous Chantilly Cake

 Percussionist Megan Jane Joins Jenn Grinels

 The Back Up Dancers

 Carol and Cheri Rubin with Franny, Jenn, and Megan

Alan and Jeff Join Us

 The Folkaltones
Hal Aqua, Carla Sciaky, Miriam Rosenblum

Carla Sciaky

Miriam Rosenblum

Hal Aqua

Carla Sciaky

At the Check-in Table for Rocky Mountain Jewgrass
 Sue Rose Getting Ready for the Show

 Rocky Mountain Jewgrass
Saul Rosenthal, Gail DeVore, Ben Cohen, Eric Roberts

 Holly Smith and Warren Baker

 Ben Cohen and Eric Roberts

Homemade Dolmades by Jeffrey Brenman

Some of the Really Great Desserts

 Saul Rosenthal and Gail DeVore

 Happy Birthday Sue Rose

We Got Tagged!

Pre Show Setup for Rabbi Joe Black in Concert

 Rabbi Joe Black

 Jason Openheimer with Rabbi Joe Black

 Jason Openheimer

Mark McGilvery Raising Awareness

 Katie Glassman and Snapshot

 Katie Glassman


  Charlie Mertens

 Eric Moon

  Sean McGowan

 Katie Glassman and Charlie Mertens

  Amelia, our Youngest and Cutest Regular

  Jill Adams and Nina Pesochinsky

 Tammy Kilgore and her Broken Wrist with Jill Adams

Some of our Regulars, Comfy on the Couch
Katie's Proud Parents and Don O'Hara
Sue Rose

A Very Happy Nina

Susie Apte and Ravi
Phil Less, Mary Maisner, and Jo Thompson Szymanski

Charlie Mertens and Jeffrey Brenman Relaxing After the Show

Sean McGowan

Sydney Green Joins Snapshot for the Closing Song of the Night

Scott Cossu at BTO South

Scott Doser

 Kathy Discoe and Ivan


 Scott Cossu and the Brenman Family Concert Grand Piano



 Giuseppe Russo, Carmen Dillon, and Barb Test

Brodie Kinder and Chris Garre
Getting Ready for the Show

Brodie's Play List

Brodie Kinder

Gabrielle Louise

The Regulars
Deb Ross, Charlie Hymer, Tammy Kilgore
with One Very Pregnant Ellen Berry Yong

Giuseppe Russo with Carmen Dillon

The Birthday Girls, Mary Love and Gabrielle Louise,
and their Birthday Cakes

Brodie Kinder and Gabrielle Louise

Congratulations to Sharon Tuck. 
Through Love Hope Strength
she signed up for the bone marrow donor registry!

"Saving Lives One Concert at a Time" 
is the mission of Love Hope Strength
With their help, we added 12 people 
to the bone marrow donor registry!!

Megan Burtt

Rebecca Holmes and Erica Grossman

Reed Foehl with Phillip Parker

Phillip Parker

Reed Foehl

Leigh Baker and Carol Morris


Phillip Parker, Megan Burtt, and Reed Foehl

Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe

Jeff Brenman, Our Host and Emcee
Photo by David Weihnacht
Hal Aqua and Lucia Thomas

Ben Cohen

Shanti Hazan

Shanti Hazan

Hal Aqua, Lucia Thomas, and Miriam Rosenblum

Where's Hal?

"Down in Front" for the Obama Fundraiser
Ayo Awosika, James Williams, Dave Preston, and Rob Drabkin
photo by James Dwntwn Willams

BYOC: Bring Your Own Chair 

Ayo Awosika

Ayo Awosika and James Dwntwn Williams
photo by Lyn Alweis

James Dwntwn Williams

James Dwntwn Williams on the Cajon

Cat Kim of the Obama Campaign
photo by Lyn Alweis

Emma and Simon Workman
Comfortable in their Camping Chairs

Dave Preston

Rob Drabkin

Dave Preston, Ayo Awosika, James Williams, and Rob Drabkin

PPRM Fundraiser Featuring Jesse Garland

 John Armstrong

Tim Hochman

  Brian McRae


Jesse Garland and Brian McRae

Joe Bayer from St. Louis

Tiye and John Armstrong

Caryn Carrasco, Susie Apte, Sue Thompson, and Darrel Sanchez

Vicky Cowart and Giuseppe Russo

Michael Jude and John Michel of The John Oates Band

John Michel

Michael Jude

Leigh Baker Enjoying the Show

Carol with Michael Jude and John Michel
Hi Ben, Wish You Were Here!

Michael Jude and John Michael

Nick Jones

A Concertgoer (Jeff) in the Sound-Storm!

Clay Kirkland, Stef Briggs, and Paul Trunko

Clay Kirkland

Paul Trunko

Clay Kirkland

Stef Briggs

Clay Kirkland

Happy Birthday Sue

Trunko, Kirkland, and Briggs with Sam Gathman

Clay Kirkland Joins Megan Burtt, Dave Preston, and Sam Gathman

Megan Burtt and Dave Preston

Sam Gathman

Rob Rushing from Love Hope Strength

 Carol, Simon, and Emily



Love Hope Strength

Sampling of Desserts

Sam Gathman and Dave Preston

Sam Gathman

Merideth Kaye Clark

Jenn Grinels and Merideth Kaye Clark

Jenn Grinels
Dave Preston and Megan Burtt

Dave Preston and Megan Burtt

Dave Preston

Gabrielle Louise

Gabrielle Louise, Carl Sorensen, and Myles Sloniker

Charlie Hymer

Tango to Live Music

David Rynhart and Ryan Drickey

Kris Drickey

Ryan Drickey

Chimney Choir with Kris Drickey, Kevin Larkin, and David Rynhart

Sean Morse

Gino Dancing with the Posture Maker

David Rynhart

Jon Sousa and David Rynhart

Deborah Ross

Tammy Kilgore

Jon Sousa

Happy Birthday Chris with Gabrielle Louise

David Rynhart

Bill Powers

Shelley Gray

Beth Wood

Beth Wood