April 30th, 2018
La Pompe Jazz Trio
David Lawrence Guitar and Vocals
Eric Fellenstein Violin
Andrew Hannum Guitar

February 25, 2018
The Alejandro Ziegler Quartet
On Sunday, February 25, 2018, BTO proudly co-hosted a spectacular evening with the Alejandro Ziegler Tango Quartet, which performed music for listening and dancing at a milonga (Argentine Tango dance) at the Avalon Ballroom in Boulder, Colorado.  The show was a stop on Ziegler’s winter North American tour, which includes Colorado for the first time. Alejandro Ziegler is one of the “young lions” of modern Argentine Tango, and his quartet plays a mix of modern Tango music, including pieces from the Tango master composer Astor Piazzolla, as well as Ziegler's original compositions, interspersed with classic Tangos and milongas from the "golden age" of Argentine Tango. One of the many highlights of the evening was Ziegler’s performance of an original composition he calls “Big Bang," which is a tale of the “big bang” that characterizes the worldwide rebirth of Argentine Tango, beginning in the 1980’s and continuing through the present. 

Ziegler’s current quartet consists of Alejandro Ziegler on piano, Charles Gorczynski on bandoneon, Ishtar Hernandez on violin and Daniel Fabricant on double bass. All of the musicians are stellar performers and each brought their unique, yet perfectly matched character to the music. 

A sold out crowd of just under 200 Argentine Tango afficianados enjoyed a sumptuous pre-concert dinner provided by Halina Palmer and the LocoTango crew, followed by an incredible two-set performance by the band.  Dancing was plentiful throughout the night, with DJ’ed music by Tara Fortier before, between and after the band’s live sets. 

The event was primarily sponsored by CMDance, a Denver-based 501(c)(3) non-profit founded in 1998 by Caryn Carrasco, which underwrites a program of live dance education  to students of all ages in the local public schools. Proceeds from the live event on Sunday were used to underwrite two concerts by the Ziegler Quartet in two local Denver high schools that were attended by more than 900 students on Monday, February 26. 

December 14, 2017
The Hazel Miller Holiday Show
at Balfour's Moffat Depot
Coco Brown Vocals
Kimyana Lee Vocals
Cody Carbone Vocals and Guitar
Rich Lamb on Bass
Dana Marsh on Piano
Brian Mikulich on Drums
Jeff Nathanson on Saxophone

October 19, 2017
The Cody Carbone Show 
with Hazel Miller and Coco Brown
at Balfour's Moffat Depot
Rich Lamb on Bass
Dana Marsh on Piano
Brian Mikulich on Drums

The reviews are IN.  This concert was a huge success.  Coco Brown and Hazel Miller, singing as a duo, were pure perfection.  Cody Carbone knocked it out of the Depot.  The band could not have been tighter. The food was to die for.  The Balfour staff out did themselves. To the musicians, to Balfour, and to the audience...without your support, none of this would have come together.  Thank you for helping to make intimate concerts like this happen.  We can't wait for the next one.

April 8, 2017
The Hazel Miller Quartet
with Special Guest Francesca Rubin
The first concert at what we hope will be the new home for our Behind the Ogden Concert Series took place at Balfour Senior Living in downtown Denver on Saturday, April 8, with the beloved Denver icon of song Hazel Miller and her Quartet (consisting of Hazel on vocals, Dana Marsh on keyboards, Rich Lamb on bass, and Cody Carbone on guitar and vocals), with special guest vocalist Francesca Rubin.  

Hazel and her band were in spectacular form as they breezed through songs both old and new, with Francesca adding her own stylistic renderings to standard jazz tunes as well as some “modern classics” by Michael Jackson and Nora Jones. Cody Carbone opened the second set and sent the audience into a genuine rapture with his rendering of “Hallelujah,” the iconic masterpiece by the late Leonard Cohen. Hazel invited local artist Amy Biondo to sing a couple of tunes, rounding out the group. The audience seemed thrilled by the entire program, demanding not one, but two encores (including a fantastic version of the Frank Sinatra standard “Fly Me to the Moon”). 

The concert took place in the “living room” at Balfour, which is the elegantly refurbished Moffat Train Depot waiting room from the bygone days of historic Denver train travel. The room is a fantastic place to hear music, spacious and acoustically sound, exquisite in its decor while at the same time exceedingly comfortable. And for those who remember our concerts at The Loft on Ogden Street, you will be delighted to know that you no longer need to bring your own chair. The price of admission included scrumptious appetizers by the Balfour Chef, wine and beer (or a full cash bar for those who wanted something “stronger”), and underground valet parking. All compliments of Balfour.  

Hazel Miller has a heart of gold and a zest for life which she shares with everyone.  You can hear it in the way she sings and you can feel it oozing out of the music her band plays. Hazel's energy mixed with the loving ambience of Balfour made for what one BTO Regular stated as a "Glorious" evening.  Yes it was!  Thank you Hazel. We Love YOU!  Thank you Balfour for co-hosting this concert with us.

We are eager to work with Balfour to produce a concert series there, as the venue and staff could not have been better!  We are grateful to be back and are looking forward to our next event, which will be coming soon! SO, Stay Tuned!

Sept 7, 2016
When our space cannot accommodate a band we fall in love with, we look for other venues. Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret is one of our favorite rooms in Denver.  It overflows with warmth, intimacy, and feminine energy. It is the perfect BTO substitute and the perfect space for RUBI ATE THE FIG. So, for the first time ever, BTO moved to Lannie's!  And for the first time ever, RUBI ATE THE FIG played Denver!  It was an ideal pairing.  The band, made up of extraordinarily talented musicians from all over the world, played middle eastern music fused with rock.  The original songs, written by Sharon Eliashar, were unique and passionate. Thank you RUBI ATE THE FIG for giving us such a magical evening of world class music.  And thank you Lannie's for being the best substitute venue out there.  

August 12, 2016
Pianist Scott Cossu 
Percussionist Scott Doser and Vocalist Beth Quist
Pianist and composer extraordinaire Scott Cossu and his trio, Scott Doser on percussion and Beth Quist on vocals and percussion, returned to Denver for their third annual concert at the Cherry Hills home of David and Antonella Brenman on Friday, August 12, 2016.   The band was in stellar form and thrilled the sold out audience with Scott's unique blend of "jazz, boogie and Deja blues" which Scott Cossu describes as "heavy mental."  Taking command of the nine foot Baldwin concert grand (that previously belonged to the late Al "Boogie Woogie" Brenman, MHRIP), Scott played a hardy gumbo of jazz, boogie, blues, and world rhythms, including original works and several covers, with a couple of wonderful versions of lesser known Beatles hits (including a spectacular version of Because, with Beth Quist on the vocals). Al would truly be thrilled to hear his piano in such amazing form! 

Scott Doser on Percussion kicked it and Beth Quist's beautifully haunting Vocals added a unique and well rounded dimension to the performance.  As a special treat "14 (going on 15)" year old Carly, a prodigy of Scott's from Olympia, Washington (who just happened to be in town) played two of Scott's original piano pieces in an amazing tribute to her teacher. 

Scott describes "heavy mental" as "music of Chopin if he had been the lead pianist for Pink Floyd." Scott has recently been honored with two nominations for his work, including his newest offering called "Safe in Your Arms." Scott clearly demonstrated why he so deserves the accolades, and left this audience begging for more.

July 22, 2016
Jenn Grinels
Franny Rubin and Alex Heffron Open
This is the third time that Jenn Grinels  and Franny Rubin have played BTO, and the third time was just as charming as the first two. BTO has watched Franny Rubin grow up, blossom, and turn into a strong and confident singer.  With Alex Heffron by her side, WOW, watch out for this Duo. Franny and Alex, you got us off to a great start and we LOVED your set. At altitude with no oxygen in the room for a girl from Nashville, Jenn Grinels still belts it outAlong with Matt Doctor on Drums and Ken Perkerwicz on Bass Guitar, what more can we say....Jenn, you NAILED IT!!
Oniria Tango
Natural Tango, Parasol Arts, BEHIND THE OGDEN, The Mercury Cafe, and cmDance presented a one-of-a-kind living arts production that was Oniria Tango at The Cleo Parker Robinson Theatre.  This was the most spectacular Tango show to hit Denver since Broadway's Forever Tango. Showcasing world class dancers from Argentina who are the creme de la creme of the Tango universe along with renowned Argentine artist Jorge Muscia, this performance was a rare opportunity and the first of its kind in the United States.  The audience discovered the imagery of South American culture as Jorge Muscia's mural grew before their eyes.  They indulged their senses as acclaimed dancers Gustavo Naveira and Giselle Anne, Donato Juarez and Carolina del Rivero, Guillermo Cerneaz and Gaby Mataloni, Nicholas Jones and Diana Cruz, Amy Anderson, and Leticia Plans translated the story of the mural to become one with the painting through the beat of the music and the power, passion, and grace of their movement.  We are proud to have had the opportunity to co-host this dreamy, magical, and whimsical production and feel fortunate that we were able to offer this once in a lifetime experience to our BTO audience.

March 19, 2016
Semplice Baroque
The Semplice Baroque Quartet, comprised of Miriam Rosenblum (recorders), Carla Sciaky (baroque violin), Ben Cohen (harpsichord and lute) and Elinor Saragoussi (viola de gamba), cast an enchanting spell before a sold out audience at the BEHIND THE OGDEN Concert Series on Saturday, March 19, 2016. Not only was this a concert that served as a balm for the ears to end the winter season, it was educationally entertaining as well, with Ms. Sciaky providing in-depth background information about each of the composers and the piece we were going to hear, and each musician providing a description of their ancient instruments. Understanding a little of the context of the time and the music was so enriching. Playing works from Handel, Telemann and Zalenka, among others, Semplice created captivating treats for an audience who came to listen and learn. When the music played, you could hear a pin drop. Even if you are not a die hard fan of baroque music (which as Ms. Sciaky explained, was a musical era that ran from “about 1580” to “about 1750"), the music, played here in 2016, seemed to be over much too soon, ending with a spontaneous and exuberant standing ovation!! And we also discovered that the acoustics at BEHIND THE OGDEN are absolutely perfect for un-amplified music! If you were unlucky enough to miss this show, check out Semplice’s website at and get to one of their concerts. You will be amazed!

January 15 and 16, 2016
The Hazel Miller Trio
with Special Guest Francesca Rubin
It was truly a hot time in Uptown on Friday and Saturday, January 15 & 16, 2016, when Colorado Music Legend Hazel Miller and her fantastic band, consisting of Rich Lamb on electric bass and Dana Marsh on keyboards played two sold out concerts at BEHIND THE OGDEN. Rising singing sensation Francesca Rubin opened both shows (backed by Hazel’s band) and then joined Hazel on duets throughout the evening.  

Hazel blew the house down with her powerful yet sensitive song styling on so many wonderful tunes. This woman belts it out, and does it all, from jazz standards (Ellington’s "It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing" got a fantastic treatment, as did Freddy Hubbard’s "Little Sunflower") to blues (Keb Mo’s “The Itch” was a highlight) to an impromptu rendering of the old gospel standard "Wade in the Water," and pretty much everything in between. 

What can we say about Hazel that has not already been said before?  A power house of energy, Hazel is rich, expressive, exuberant, humorous, soulful, and just plain fun and funny! Hazel exudes warmth, and passion oozes out from every cell of her body.  Hazel's lifelong love of music has taken her to so many places where she has met so many people, and she spins stories of life, love and longing that reflect her overflowing heart and her abundance of soul!  

And Francesca Rubin, who is 19 years old going on (well, much older), is a rising talent who just gets better and better each time we hear her sing. This young woman is evolving into a powerful interpreter of jazz and blues. Watch out world, 'cause Franny is coming to get you, and we are so grateful to have been able to present her to BTO’s fans to hear! Her band is called "Franny and the Jets", and we encourage you to seek her out. 

Hazel is beloved in this town and she came to BTO to share her gift.  We were honored to host The Hazel MIller Trio, so thank you Hazel and thanks again to everyone who came out to enjoy such a great evening with Hazel and Franny, Rich and Dana!  It is because of all of you that we continue to do what we do.

November 7, 2015
Walker Shellist
The blues duo Walker Shellist (Moses Walker  on guitar and Ronnie Shellist on harmonica) strolled into BTO on November 7, 2015, and what a way for us to return from our year-long break!  These bluesmen can juke, jive and wail, and they did all three before a sold out house that was left begging for more.  From recognizable tunes such as Slow Boat to China, Cocaine (RIP J.J. Cale) and Wonderful World, together with many less recognizable ones that we were hearing for the first time, each number was given a unique, soulful interpretation.  Many in the crowd lingered well after quitting time to mingle with the musicians and fellow concert-goers.  This show exemplifies why we do what we do, and we are so grateful to the musicians who play for us and the audience who comes out to support them!

August 20, 2014 
Behind The Ogden Does The Mercury
A Benefit Concert for Love Hope Strength
Celebrating our Five Year Anniversary
Brodie Kinder
Gabrielle Louise
Rabbi Joe Black
Percussionist Scott Doser
Megan Burtt
Beth Wood
The Folkaltones: Miriam Rosenblum, Hal Aqua, and Carla Sciaky 
Thanks to all who came out to The Mercury Cafe to support Love Hope Strength in celebration of our five year anniversary.  It was a smashing success. Turn out surpassed our goal, the energy was celebratory, and this was truly a magical evening of stellar performances.  Thanks to Marilyn of The Mercury Cafe for donating the space, and to all the musicians who donated their time.  Their generosity, support, and talent made this the spectacular event that it was.

July 13, 2014 
Jenn Grinels with Percussionist Megan Jane
Special Guest Franny Rubin Opens
Jenn Grinels "steals the show" in Napa while touring with 10,000 Maniacs.  And we can see why.  WOW.  Talk about a powerhouse of energy and entertainment.

This is Jenn Grinel's second time playing BTO and we were beyond thrilled to host her again during a rare Denver visit.  Jenn's voice is beautiful, strong, and enchanting, her story telling is creative and captivating, and her stage presence is second to none (hands down).  Jenn  is personable and funny without even trying.  She lights up the stage (even without stage lights).  

Percussionist Megan Jane accompanied Jenn and singer/songwriter Franny Rubin opened.  The combination of these three highly talented musicians, along with the occasional audience participation, made for a spectacular show and a super fun time for all who were here.  We love Jenn and even though we were excited to host her, we were concerned that a summer Sunday afternoon was probably not the best time for an indoor concert.  This sold out crowd would beg to differ. From start to finish, we were engaged, and we had the BEST time.  These girls know how to put on a show!

April 12, 2014
The Folkaltones Reunion Concert
BEHIND THE OGDEN was excited to host the Folkaltones (Hal Aqua, Miriam Rosenblum, and Carla Sciaky) in their first reunion concert in five years, on Saturday, April 12, 2014.  It was a show that proved a delight to  an overflowing sold out crowd of fans who came to witness this historic musical happening.  

The band played a wide range of music, from rollicking Irish jigs and reels to emotional ballads, love songs, and laments, including some lesser-known songs from such well-known composers as Lennon & McCartney, Richard Thompson, and Leonard Cohen. Their performance was all the more amazing given that The Folkaltones do not play together regularly, but their awesome talents gave us an evening of lush and spirited music (with songs that showcased the incredibly expressive and haunting voice of Ms. Sciaky). 

Finally, the virtuosity of these musicians on the many and varied instruments each bring to the ensemble (including Ms. Sciaky’s guitar, violin and concertina, Mr. Aqua’s guitar, mandolins and Irish bazouki and Ms. Rosenblum’s clarinet, flutes,  recorders  and accordion, as well as their harmonic voices) gave their performance a breadth and depth that thrilled us all. This concert was one of our most popular shows to date, and it served to introduce many new faces to BTO. 

Our heartfelt thanks to all who came out to enjoy this special event and support live music in a unique setting, and thanks to The Folkaltones for rising to the occasion and making this an evening we are sure none will forget!

February 8, 2014 
Rocky Mountain Jewgrass
Rocky Mountain Jewgrass is a bit of an enigma when you think about it...bluegrass tunes with a Jewish twist. But despite what on paper might seem a little “weird," the musical talents (both in their clever songwriting and virtuous playing) of Saul Rosenthal, Gail DeVore, Ben Cohen, and Eric Roberts made this concert an experience none of us will soon forget! RMJ is one of a kind. Their music is high energy, toe-tapping fun that brought a smile to our faces, a “wow, this is really great” to our brains, and last but not least, a soothing balm to our hearts! Rocky Mountain Jewgrass, you were beyond entertaining. Thank you for putting on such a lively and amusing show!

October 12, 2013
Rabbi Joe Black in Concert
Rabbi Joe Black told us he loves doing house concerts, and those of us who were here discovered just how true that is.  Rabbi Black thrilled a BTO full house with his soulful voice and masterful playing, doing many original songs and a couple of covers, with a smattering of Hebrew prayer-inspired treasures (explaining that he is a rabbi, after all).

This man can sing and play a repertoire that ranges from incredibly tasty blues, interspersed with stories and songs of great humor that have the crowd in stitches (Valentine's Day is Not a Jewish Holiday, Flush it Down, and Only One Meatball come to mind), to introspective ballads (The Lower Ninth Ward and Faith is Not a Flag were standouts).  As if that wasn't enough, Rabbi Black played a Leonard Cohen piece in which he was joined by Jason Openheimer on African drum for an added wonderful high energy, rhythmic effect.

This show was dedicated to Nechama, Jewish Response to Disaster.  Nechama gets down and dirty.  They gut houses, free of charge, to provide relief to homeowners who have been impacted by floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes.  Currently in Colorado, Nechama has been working to save homeowners thousands of dollars in restorative fees.  Thank you Rabbi Black for donating 25% of the door to Nechama.  And thank you to our audience for adding your additional generous contributions to the pot. Together we raised about $500.  But more importantly, thank you Mark McGilvery, Nechama Staff Member, for raising awareness by sharing your compelling story about the work that Nechama does.

Rabbi Black is dynamic, electrifying, humorous, and engaging.  His solo performance captivated the audience with expressive storytelling, rich and soothing vocals, and heartfelt lyrics.  This was such a special evening.  Thank you Rabbi Joe Black for sharing your music with us.  And thank you to our audience for coming out and making it yet another memorable evening at BTO!

August 23, 2013
Katie Glassman and Snapshot 
From a Katie Glassman Fan: Katie is amazing! I felt goosebumps hearing her interpretation of some of the Leonard Cohen songs.  I think she has no idea the effect that her voice and interpretation of those songs had on people.
From bluesy ballads to high energy gypsy swing, Katie Glassman, fiddler extraordinaire and her virtuoso band, Snapshot (Eric Moon on piano, accordion, and slide guitar, Charlie Mertens on bass, and Sean McGowan on guitar) provided a tour de force concert to a standing room only audience who relished every minute and begged for more.  

Katie combined original compositions from herself and Eric Moon with several beautiful covers (including two pieces from the Leonard Cohen songbook and a high energy rendition of Duke Ellington's Jubilee Stomp) in a montage of color that spanned emotions from tears, to humor, to foot-stomping good time fun!  Katie's storytelling added context and charm, and gave us all an experience we will not soon forget.  Thank you Katie and Snapshot for such a spectacular performance.

August 7, 2013
Pianist Scott Cossu with Percussionist Scott Doser
Pianist, composer, and recording artist Scott Cossu is generally filed under the new age category of music, however, we would say he is hard to categorize.  He has been around the block and his background in jazz and rhythm and blues, combined with his years of classical training and his study of ethnic music from Sudan, Thailand, China, Rumania, and Ecuador result in a unique sound that has been performed in concerts worldwide and recorded since 1981, including 19 years with the iconic Windham Hill recording label.  

Scott Cossu commands a grand piano, so we got him one. Thanks to David and Antonella Brenman, we moved this BTO concert south to the Brenman's lovely home with a spectacular concert grand piano which according to Scott, was in a particularly good mood.  On top of that, Scott Cossu added Scott Doser, an improvisational Percussionist of the highest order, to the line up.  What a combination.  Let's just call it "Heavy Mental Music". Tender ballads, high energy Latin laced rhythms, and hard driving bluesy, jazzy boogie woogie.  Add in a story for every song, a first class performance, home baked desserts on the lovely patio, and many new friends, and this BTO evening was a smashing success.

May 17, 2013
Gabrielle Louise with Brodie Kinder
Gabrielle Louise celebrated her birthday with us by bringing two presents to BEHIND THE OGDEN.  First was a new young singer/guitarist named Brodie Kinder, and second was Gabby’s amazing voice accompanied by her sensual guitar on some wonderful newly minted songs. We’d invite Gabby to spend each and every birthday with us from now on if she would only do it, and we think the overflow crowd that was lucky enough to get in the door would agree!
Gabrielle was the one who first motivated us to start our concert series, and she has been bestowing her amazing gift of poetry set to music on those of us fortunate enough to be there to receive it ever since!  She gets better and better as time goes by, and her latest concert was in that tradition.  In addition to many of her own songs, she continues to cover music from some of the best songwriters out there. Gabrielle’s renditions of Tom Waits’ “Alice” and Leonard Cohen’s “Dance Me to the End of Love“ (in a duet with Brodie Kinder) were testimony to the love and respect she has for those who, like her, excel at the craft of song smithing.

Brodie's voice is golden and soothing.  He opened the set with his own playful, yet powerful, voice and guitar.  He was a perfect opener for what was to come. From what we experienced at this concert, Gabrielle’s new CD (coming soon we hear) is not to be missed, nor are she and Brodie whenever you are lucky enough to be there when they play!

Post Note:  In honor of our friends and bone marrow transplant survivors, Annie Lipsitz and Jo Thompson Szymanski,  BTO hosted Love Hope Strength to raise awareness  and to sign up volunteers for the bone marrow registry.  As a result, these registrations generated two life saving matches!! 

February 2, 2013
Reed Foehl with Megan Burtt and Phillip Parker
Thanks to our friend, Ryan Carlisle, for turning us on to his friend, Reed Foehl.  Ryan told us Reed would be perfect for BTO and that the show would sell out.  In both cases, he was so right.  Passionate, distinctive and smooth, yet utterly soulful, Reed's music touches your heart and mind.  Though bearing the influence of the likes of Paul Simon, David Crosby, Mark Knoefler, and maybe even a little Tom Waits, Reed has his own unique style that strikes deep within the listener as he weaves inspiring stories that captivate the soul.  Along with the always witty, charming, and harmonious Megan Burtt (a BTO favorite and "regular" who opened the show and then came back to sing a number with Reed at the end), and the talented cellist Phillip Parker, who added the perfect accompaniment to Reed's "street singer" style, this impressive performance had a magical energy that brought both tears and laughter to the over-flowing audience. With a percentage of the proceeds going to NAMI, this was a very special night, not soon to be forgotten by all those who were fortunate enough to experience it.

This concert was dedicated to Ryan Carlisle, in loving memory.  We will always hold you dear in our hearts.
video of Reed and Phillip at the BTO concert 

November 17, 2012
Hal Aqua and The Lost Tribe 
This show has gotten rave reviews.  The talented Lost Tribe musicians, Hal Aqua, Ben Cohen, Shanti Hazan, Lucia Thomas, and Miriam Rosenblum rocked our world.  Their repertoire of nouveau Klezmer music is an eclectic blend of just about everything. The Lost Tribe delighted us, they surprised us, and their deeply rich performance engaged us with their lively, playful, and irresistibly fun energyAlong with an abundance of food, and a bit of shmoozing, The Lost Tribe show turned out to be one of those not to be missed events that you felt fortunate to have had the opportunity to experience.

Oct 12, 2012
Ayo Awosika and Rob Drabkin with James Dwntwn Williams and Dave Preston
Multi-year winner of Westword's Best Singer-Songwriter Award, Rob Drabkin is impressive, outrageous, heartfelt, and generous.  Smooth, silky, and sultry, Ayo Awosika is a shining star with rich vocals and a soulful style.  Add James Dwntwn Williams on percussion and Dave Preston on guitar, mix in a fundraiser for the Obama Campaign, and wow, what a powerhouse of an evening this turned out to be.

June 29, 2012
Fundraiser for PPRM Featuring Jesse Garland
We discovered Jesse Garland at a live music blues dance.  As soon as she belted out her first tune, we knew, right then and there, that Jesse Garland was BTO material.  This girl can sing.  From jazz to blues to Broadway and along with a line-up of strong musicians - John Armstrong, Tim Hochman, Bryan McRae, Tiye, and Joe Bayer - Jesse Garland put on a BTO show that was sultry, hot, and sexy.  Jesse's spirited stage presence and deep passion for the music she creates filled the room with an infectious energy that captivated our hearts and left us breathless for more.
May 19, 2012
Michael Jude and John Michel of the John Oates Band 
We first heard these two guys in a bar (The Grand Ave Grill) in Eagle, CO (where it turns out they play regularly when they are not touring the world with John Oates), and instantly fell in love with their smooth sound and rocking energy.  Current members of The John Oates Band (for the past 15 years), Michael Jude and John Michel are true masters of their art.  They brought their soulful sound of Americana Rock and Roll to BTO and were we ever lucky!  These two rock stars delivered a five-star performance of original music and classic hits that was heartrending, engaging, refined, nostalgic, and just plain old FUN.  Entertainment at its best, this was a first-rate show that left the audience begging for more.  Catch them here at:

March 30, 2012
Paul Trunko, Clay Kirkland, and Stef Briggs
If you enjoy soulful blues harmonica, Clay Kirkland is your man! Along with Paul Trunko on guitar and Stef Briggs on keyboard, this trio performed a fabulous mix of original songs and carefully chosen covers that had us tapping  our feet, snapping our fingers, and bobbing our heads; and even got a few of us up and dancing.   TKB brought an infectious energy to the room and they rocked the joint!

January 28, 2012
Megan Burtt and Dave Preston with Sam Gathman
Megan Burtt takes your breath away, Dave Preston knocks your socks off.  Add in Sam Gathman on the violin, and we were given the opportunity to experience an evening of brilliance and mastery. As if that's not enough, Love Hope Strength raised awareness and signed up volunteers for the life saving bone marrow registry.

August 26, 2011
Jenn Grinels and Merideth Kaye Clark
From California and New York, Jenn Grinels and Merideth Kaye Clark are a powerhouse of  energy. This was a one shot Denver deal, a BEHIND THE OGDEN exclusive, and a stellar performance.

From Jenn:  I've been meaning to get you this photo for a while. I can't remember the name of the sweetie that made it during my show, but I want him to know that it has traveled with me on my dashboard all over the country! This is a pic in Florida.  I love taking note of the dashboard and his card and the changing landscapes!  If you can figure out who it is, please forward it to him (or his parents) and thank him for me.  He signed it, but at the moment I'm in Seattle and my car is in NYC, so I can't run out and check.

July 15, 2011
Megan Burtt and Dave Preston
Singer/Songwriter Megan Burtt makes music that is soulful and expressive. Megan's harmonious voice is the epitome of beauty and her whimsical humor is too funny not to mention. She is pure delight to the senses. Dramatic and powerful, Dave Preston strums his guitar with an impressive level of distinction, refinement, and energy. Together, their show was a dazzling success.

May 7, 2011
Sarah, Hannah, Eva, and Liza are the exceptionally talented SHEL sisters.  They define creativity. Their music is fresh and lighthearted, and their unique style brought magical moments and sizzling energy to an already stunning performance. SHEL brought the house down.

April 1, 2011
The Gabrielle Louise Trio
One of the most talented musicians Denver has to offer, Gabrielle Louise is in high demand and Behind The Ogden was fortunate to catch her Trio between tours. Along with Carl Sorensen on percussion and Myles Sloniker on upright bass, Gabrielle Louise's soulful performance captivated the audience. With an added third set of danceable music, this unforgettable evening was filled with a collection of songs that were catchy, passionate, and inspiring.  The Gabrielle Louise Trio was one powerful act!

January 8, 2011
David Rynhart, Ryan Drickey, Kevin Larkin,
and Kris Drickey
Four fantastically talented musicians making imaginative, upbeat, traditional, modern music with a bit of Irish thrown in for good luck; this was one hot concert.

July 31, 2010
Gabrielle Louise, Megan Burtt, and Sean Morse
Sean Morse is a top-notch musician. He creates "the folk you know, the jazz you feel, and the blues that moves you." Sean  Morse, along with Gabrielle Louise and Megan Burtt performed a superbly harmonious set of music, followed by a sultry and bluesy danceable concert. Up, moving and on our feet to live music in a cozy setting;  this was one awesome experience.

June 5, 2010
David Rynhart and Jon Sousa
David Rynhart loves to sing a story and weave a tale, and he is one of the most gifted artists out there. If you like eclectic, you will love David Rynhart. Along with Celtic guitarist, Jon Sousa, this concert gave the audience an opportunity to experience a dramatic, clever, engaging, and downright brilliant performance.

April 9, 2010
Honey Don't and Gabrielle Louise
Bill Powers and Shelley Gray of Honey Don't are "the cutest damn duo" Gabrielle Louise has ever seen. And we agree! Their poignant lyrics mixed with warm and spirited music made this Honey Don't performance exhilarating, happy, and toe tappingly fun.

August 20, 2009
Beth Wood
Artist extraordinaire Beth Wood takes command and touches your heart all at the same time.  Her deeply beautiful voice, poetic lyrics, and vibrant performance made for a remarkable concert that reminded us why we love listening to live music in an intimate setting.