Megan Burtt and Dave Preston with Sam Gathman

Saturday, January 28, 2012
Doors: 7:00 PM    *    Concert: 7:30 PM

Uptown/Cap Hill
(RSVP for Address)

Megan Burtt

followed by

Dave Preston with Sam Gathman

Megan Burtt Will
Take Your Breath Away

Dave Preston Will
Knock Your Socks Off

Add In Sam Gathman
On The Violin

And You Will Experience
An Evening Of

Brilliance And Mastery

Suggested Donation: $15
All Proceeds go to the Musicians
CDs Available for Sale

Space is Limited

For those of you new to BEHIND THE OGDEN, our setting is a private home (loft).  This is a unique opportunity to listen to live music with a small gathering of friends, family, and other guests.